A little about Breezy

Yes my name really is Breezy!! I get asked that all the time. And I am constanly asked if my parents were hippies, lets just leave it with I was born in the 70's and you can draw your own conclusion.

I am a Professional Photographer, born and raised in Montgomery County, North Carolina. I am a member of PPA (Proffessional Photographers of America). I specialize in boudoir (pin up and cheesecake) photography I love to show women how beautiful they are
I also photograph Weddings, families, newborns, children and even the family pet just to name a few. I can come to the hospital and photograph the birth of a child or capture the glow of the mother to be in Maternity Portraits.
I offer my clients mounted art of their family to decorate their homes with as well as prints to gift others with.
I even sell Art that I have taken from all over Europe and the USA.
I am available for Weddings worldwide. Ideally I can photograph the entire South East portion of Alaska.

Photography is my passion! I love to capture what others are too busy to see sometimes. Life passes us to quickly to not have memories that we can physically see and touch. It doesn't matter to me if it is precious moments between a newborn and father, children with a new pet or a bride on her wedding day, I understand this all to well being stationed 100s sometimes even 1000s of miles from our families. Sometimes for years at a time we don't get to see family and photographs are the only way that some family members are ever seen. I put my heart and soul into my photography and I hope that others can see and feel that when they look at my work.
I love photography what else can I say?!? In my spare time (like I really have any of that) I like to continue learning everything I can about photography and post processing. You can never know too much is my motto. I attend seminars when ever I can, read books and the internet to get new ideas and learn new techniques along with lots of practice, as there are always different ways to get the same result with photography.

I earned my Diploma in Photography in 2002, while working in a Nationwide Photography Studio. I am currently enrolled with NYIP to earn another diploma, this time in Digital photography and photoshop. And I am half way to earning my CPP (Certified Professional Photographer).
Sessions are available in Studio or on location, the choice is totally up to you. With Breezy Cranford Photography you get what YOU want, not what I have predetermined to be what works for everyone.
Your memories are captured with digital Cameras and multiple lenses.

My high school sweet heart joined the Navy in 1994 and we married in 1996. We have 3 beautiful teenagers, 2 boys and a girl. On top of my photography business I homeschool them as well.

I pride myself in great Customer Service and have a money back guarantee. I give you what I would want and expect as a customer when it comes to quality of work and product. I listen to my clients needs and give them the experience they are after first and foremost.

I look forward to finally settling down after 20 years of moving around with the Navy and calling Sitka, Alaska home.

Please let me help you preserve your memories and make them memorable. You can contact me at 757-705-4815 or at Breezy@breezycranfordphotography.com

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